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About Men Living Up

Mission Statement

To change families... one man at a time. To educate men and families on the pervasiveness and destructiveness of pornography and other addictions; to empower men and families to live sexually and emotionally pure lives through accountability groups, Bible based publications, web sites, seminars, workshops and Christ centered resources, and to enlist the church to promote healing through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Desired Outcomes

• Increased confidence
• Improved relationships
• More self-worth
• Less divorce
• Stronger families
• Men who are balanced physically, emotionally, and become spiritually strong
• A new generation of "real men, living up"
• Appreciated, respected, protected and loved women
• Becoming a “man living up” will change future generations of men, who will in turn change future generations of women.
• Women will gain a greater understanding of “men only” issues
• Ordinary men living extraordinary lives
• A “safe place” will be established for ministers and staffs to confess their struggles and failures and strengthen their ability to carry out “spirit-filled” ministry

How we started

The idea for Men Living Up was born after my experience with a small group of men who recognized for the first time that they were not alone. We found out that we all, as men, struggle with a lot of the same things. Pornography, gambling, alcohol, drugs, anger, relationships with our wives, relationships with family, and work, just to name a few. Every one of these men looked like every other man on the outside. The one thing they had in common... they all struggled internally with some "men only" issue. We had porn addicts, men who had been molested at a young age, men who were thinking of leaving their wife and children, men who had gambled away their last dime and were facing bankruptcy. We had men who were desperate to find answers and support, but were too "macho" to open up and share their struggles with someone else on their own. The majority of the men felt the issues would be too "shocking" to share with their wives. Most of the men had good male friends, but weren't comfortable sharing their deepest, darkest secrets with anyone.

As the leader of our small accountability group shared his deepest and darkest struggles, something happened! One after one, men opened up for the first time to things that they had struggled with most of their lives. Another amazing thing happened, every man was accepted and loved for who he was, at that moment. No judgement, no condemnation! For me personally, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Somehow it helped in dealing with my issues. I could now face my issues with a group of men supporting me, while not judging me. It was a special moment in my life. Every man needs to have the same support system that promotes and leads to "ordinary men living extraordinary lives."



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